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Thu Aug 7 06:46:40 PDT 2008

Congrats on the bike - what was already stated about the temp gauge is good to go, just run it one day static and make sure that your fan comes on with the needle about halfway.
I couldn't find anyone making mirror extensions or spacers for the GPZ, so I bought some Black Delrin off ebay and made some myself 1.5" spacers.
They came out pretty good and give a better view behind me.
All I did was trace the outline of the mirror base and had it cut on a water jet, you can even cut the delrin with a bandsaw also.
Good luck and good riding.

Paul in MD
Paul S. Elsberry 
pselsberry at comcast.net 

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From: "Dad (Les) Johnson" <jjohnsonlta at gmail.com> 

> Just recently purchased a 96 GPZ1100. Can anyone tell me where the needle 
> is when the bike is fully warmed up (normal temp)? Mine reads right at the 
> start of the arch line. 
> Also has anyone been able to come up with some longer mirror shafts to 
> increase the spread so your arms aren't blocking part of the view of behind? 
> Les J. 

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