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I have two sets of earbuds that work really well , Jensen Jaxx and Skullcandy Ink'd ( skullcandy makes several models that should work ) what you need to find mostly is an earbud with the soft flexible rubbery pads ( clear ) and most have 3 different sized pads , experiment with them till you find the right fit. The audio is good enough for a cheap 10-20 dollar earbud.
Sounds like you had a good ride 
> <<Lastly, has anyone found a pair of Ipod head phones that can stay 
> in place when a helmet is pulled on? Music would have certainly 
> been an improvement on my ear plugs.>>
> I've been using a Motocomm Audio Boss for the past 4-5 years which 
> mounts speakers in the helmet (Quick plug for a great company here- 
> Before my Cleveland trip, my Audio Boss broke down, I mailed it 
> back to them for a repair , and instead they are giving me their 
> new unit  The ST-1 free of charge! Now THAT'S customer service!) 
> The Audio BOss ( Now ST-1) also sends communicator and cell phone 
> signals through your headset as well as GPS or Radar detector. I 
> used the GPS going through mine on the last trip.
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