tl1000s & an odd question

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The TLS has a pretty unique rear suspension linkage and yes, early in its
career (before being fitted with a factory steering stabilizer and I think
some suspension changes) it gained a reputation as a "widowmaker."

When I crashed mine, I had been tipping into a sweeping left and I hit a
little ripple at the turn-in.  The bike pogoed, straightened, and tossed me
in the ditch... as it was happening, all I could think was, "no shit...
widowmaker, eh?"  Some retrospective examination revealed that I had in fact
applied rear brake while trying to ask too much of the front brake... the
ripple caused the rear to lock, so... my fault.  Live and learn (luckily)!

Anyway, GREAT bike!  I called mine the Evil Twin (the GPZ was my "nice
bike") and it had a roar that made the thing just beg to be SPANKED!!!
Check out as the definitive source for all things
TL.  I'm sure he can find a post or two about its "widowmaker" status.
Respect the Zukati!!!


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We have a new rider in the club who rides a suzuki TL1000s and he keeps
calling it the "Widowmaker" has anybody ever heard it called that ? just

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