throttle response

Paul Landry p_landry at
Fri Aug 8 23:01:10 PDT 2008


The GPz uses a double throttle cable setup, push/pull.

If the hand grips are after market, or the foam type you may have an issue
with the grip "dragging" on the bar end weight slowing it down on the return
to "closed".  This will also cause the effect you are describing.  The foam
grips I was using "grew" in length as they compressed with use and
deteriorated with the heat and sun.

The throttle should "snap" back to its closed position when let go.  
If not look a the condition of the cables (lubed recently?), routing (no
kinks), tension spring(s, forgotten if it is one or more) are they there and
not stretched out.

If the throttle has been removed by someone in the past and not assembled
correctly you could have it dragging in the assembly.  It is not a complex
setup but there is little excess room and if the cable is not sitting
properly in the groves it can sit too high and drag on the housing.

Otherwise look to the other suggestions already made.

Good luck.. 

Let us know what you find and have to do to resolve this.. 


Paul W. Landry
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From: David & Lisa Mulhollen [mailto:dlmulhollen at] 

when I rev the engine and release the throttle my rpms stay up and drop


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