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some very cool stories , thanks. and a link I will pass along. my take is that in  this case the widowmaker moniker is not a compliment

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> bwaaaaahahahahahahahahahahahah!
> Jerry Clair <darkclarity2k at> wrote:  Great story Steve.
> and to think my mom wiped-out on a JC Penny mini bike. I watched 
> her fly by with legs
> sticking out because she couldn't stop and her extra hair 
> piece/wiglette [popular in the '60s]
> blew off the top of her head.
> Then the noise and scream! Kodak moment.
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> I owned a 73 Kawasaki H2 750 2-stroke triple. These were the 
> original widowmakers.
> Charles S.
> I was gonna reply about the "original Widowmaker" too.
> Way back when I was a teen, my mom expressed an interest in 
> motorcycling, and my father reluctantly went along with the 
> possibility. She tried out this sweet little Honda twin, maybe a 
> CB350? It actually had a fairing or a windshield if I recall 
> correctly. She rode it home and my dad and I figured out it was 
> only running on one jug, so she took it back and told the dealer a 
> few choice slang words. I'm sure we could have gotten it running 
> quite well, but I think she was mad at the guy for more reasons 
> than just the running status of the bike.
> Next thing along was a bike for sale on the other side of town 
> (rural Colorado), so my dad went with her to try it out. He went 
> out along on a backroad 2-lane, no helmet or other protection as 
> was rather common back then, and the bike went down pretty hard; 
> rashed him up pretty good, including his chin and cheek, hip, thigh 
> and shoulder. He said a few days later that the bike shook really 
> bad when we was slowing down, which I would now interpret to be a 
> tankslapper. That incident, of course, freaked everyone out pretty 
> badly, especially my mom who instantly gave up the motorcycle bug. 
> And for many years afterwards, she threatened me and my sisters 
> with dire consequences, both from riding and from her person, if we 
> ever rode on the street. We did continue to ride dirtbikes, though 
> - but now, wearing helmets.
> Well, because my dad crashed the bike, he was obligated (and 
> honorable) to buy it for what the owner wanted, of course. So a 
> friend went and got the bike on a truck, and brought it back. The 
> damage was actually quite small, a little rash, bent up bars, 
> levers. The bike was... a dark green Kawasaki two-stroke triple. 
> Yep, the infamous H2 - I can't remember if it was the 750 or the 
> 500, though.
> Eventually, a family friend offered to buy it for what he paid for 
> it, so we got off relatively lightly, financially speaking. Hearing 
> that thing run was a blood-chilling thrill to my 14-year-old ears, 
> and my dad's banged-up state notwithstanding, I *really* wanted to 
> try it out. Of course, they wouldn't let me go within 10 feet the 
> thing - no-way, no-how, ain't happening, fugeddaboudit.
> It wasn't until just a few years ago that I got into modern road 
> motorcycling and read about the H2's reputation as a widowmaker, 
> and realized that's what we had, for a few brief weeks, in our 
> driveway. Nowadays, I'd love to get my hands on that bike!!!
> I'm sure my Mom would still probably kick my butt if I tried. :)


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