Steve and Jims excellent adventure?

The Masons masonjs at
Sat Aug 9 18:42:55 PDT 2008

I'm back from the Maritime run.  5448.8 km (3000 + miles) with over 1000 km 
of gravel/dirt/sand/hard pack/washboard so rough I thought I had castanetes 
in my head my teeth were chattering so bad.
I do have a seriously sore ass, like someone set it on fire. I think I rode 
the last 200 km standing on the pegs.  That's what you get for buying a new 
to you bike and only putting 1000 km in 4 short day trips before attempting 
a trip like this.  I'll have to find a gel seat for it.  The first 5 days 
Ontario to Newfoundland we were staying a step ahead of the rain.  It caught 
us in NF on day 6 and stayed through.  Yesterday I had dry weather through 
NS & NB then got nailed for 6 hours in ME.  Spent the night in a cool '50's 
motel --The Bates I think in Gorham NH on the ME/NH border near Mt 
Washington.  Today it was raining lightly when I left Gorham and stayed 
until St. Jonesbury VT.  I wished I'd have VT Rob's phone # and let him buy 
me breakfast at Sneakers.  I had clear sailing until I just passed Ottawa 
ON.  then I was hit with light stuff for the remaining 100 km. I'll try to 
write something a little better as I'm pretty well whipped.

Jim the old guy with the old bike made it. 

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