David Beard davidebeard at comcast.net
Thu Aug 14 17:51:45 PDT 2008

I can think of two things that would cause this. First, a worn, cupped 
or under inflated front tire. Second, dry or overtightened neck 
bearings. My guess would be the second. If the neck bearings are 
adjusted too tight, you will have a very hard time making a smooth turn 
and will tend to wobble through it. Not really noticeable at higher speeds.
If wobble is not caused by front end, maybe a seriously out of round 
rear tire might cause a problem like that. I've never seen that happen, 
but I suppose it's possible.I would try loosening the adjusting nut on 
the fork stem just a tad first and see if that helps.

Dave B

David & Lisa Mulhollen wrote:
> I've cleaned the carbs and lubed the cables, which fixed the throttle response problem.  I've notice I'm getting a kind of wobble going around corners.  I've shook the swing arm, but it seemed tight.  Would faulty forks cause this wave like feeling while cornering? 
> thanks
> david

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