Earth to Steve (was RE: Where's Steve?)

Marilyn Mason masonjs at
Sat Aug 16 17:32:30 PDT 2008

Steve made it home.  He was under the weather  when he got to the ferry from 
Newfoundland to Nova Scotia.  We got split up in the rain on the final part 
of the Cabot trail.  I never saw Steve or Mike again.  I met Bill at a gas 
bar in New Glasgow NS.  I got a room at the Comfort inn in Truro NS that 
night and got beat $190.00 CDN for a single. I took it because I was soaked 
and starting to shake from the cold.  Later Bruce showed up and I grabbed 
him before he had a chance to get screwed over for a room and shared my room 
with him. Bill made it to Moncton NB that night.  I have no idea where Steve 
and Mike got to.  dejavu--- Like the trip from Boone NC to Maggie Valley and 
Knoxville TN a few years back.
I made it to Gorham NH Near Mt Washington (630 miles from truro) the next 
day--had a nice dry ride through NB and to about Bangor ME then rode in rain 
and drizzle to Gorham.  I got a room at the Bates ( they changed the name to 
the Colonial Fort Inn) Motel.  $60.45 a night, a double bed like a hammock, 
red indoor/outdoor carpet that was 40% cigarette burns, cast iron radiators, 
pink tub--handle came off the hot water had to use my SOG tool to take a 
fucking shower.  It did have hot water, a shit load of pressure, laundry 
facilities (able to dry some of my shit), cable TV - got the Olympics, beer 
store 2 doors away (got a case of Rolling Rock), large breakfast for $4.55, 
use of the pool and hot tub across the road.  Some dude who flew, and bussed 
in to the motel gave me a new closed faced spinning outfit and $25.00 worth 
of tackle that he had just bought as he couldn't take it back on the plane.
I walked to a great Chinese buffet --shrimp, crab, lobster--now I was really 
sorry Steve, Bruce, Mike and Bill weren't with me.  Most of you know 
Steve --for those who don't he is about 6' 4" and 260# , Bruce and Mike arew 
also large lads.  All 4 have healthy appetites. It would have been comical 
to watch the little Chinaman turn white when these guys walked into his 
buffet anbd he realized this month's profits were going to disapear down 
their gullets.
The next morning Saturday I got away in a light drizzle.  Half way across NH 
I see a place called Sixgun City on US #2--looked like the main drag of 
Dodge City in Gunsmoke.  I had dreams of this place as a boy. I could see me 
getting more than 3 hits in the head as a yoot in the rear seat of the 
family car, cause I couldn't stop yelling "we gotta stop"  might have taken 
maybe 5 hits to shut me up.  My old man was some accurate hitter.  Never 
take his eyes off the road I never saw it coming and baff one in the 
The drizzle kept up until I crossed into VT.  I got off # just west of St 
Jonesbury and took 15 northwest towards Burlington, grabbed I-89 to just 
below the Canadian border then went east to Ogdensburg NY.  I had one severe 
case of monkey butt rode most of the 125 miles from the border home standing 
on the pegs.


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