Cost of Steve and Jims adventure?

The Masons masonjs at
Tue Aug 19 15:15:03 PDT 2008

In the event that you might like to take a trip through QC, Labrador, 
Newfoundland, the Canadian Maritimes and New England.
Mileage ~5600 km
Time - 10 days
Lodging - $480.00 - some of this was shared
Gas - $410.00 - price gets nasty as you get out of touch with reality
Food - $155.00 -I packed about 3 lunches and took as many from lodgeings 
offering food
Beer -  $78.00  I quit smoking this is my vice.
Ferries - $300.00

Total - $1523.00

To save $ we could have camped free in Quebec, Labrador, paid in the rest of 
the areas.  Food bought food at grocery stores.  We aren't new (ages 54 to 
61) so we kind  of like the comfort of hotels and B&Bs. With 1/2 of our time 
spent in rain the camping would have really sucked.  Esspecially when I got 
home, unpacked and found my sleeping bag to be soaked.  It was in its 
original rain proof bag, 2 garbage bags and a rain resistant duffle bag--I 
guess 5 days at 130 - 140 kph ( about 70 mph) pounds its way through.

I didn't figure in the price of the new toys.
2003 low mileage pristeen Suzuki Vstrom 1000 with matching bags, centre 
stand, new tires and throttle thingy - $7500.00

3 of the other guys had new 2008 KLR 650s farkled up to about $6000.00@ 
maybe more
Used 1200 BMW farkled up beyond my wallet.


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