Arrggghh... Battery woes..

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Sun Aug 24 04:57:45 PDT 2008

I believe it! It's my all time favourite temperature and I can be
comfortable wearing a full suit. Still a bit too warm for me here, right
now (temps in the mid 20's).

Nice to hear from you Alex: How is your daughter?

Art Robinson (Canadian Santa)

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You don't believe how much I'd love to go now for a ride and enjoy the
slightly chilly fall air, the one degree too low to be warm, the
cleanness of the air in the mountains and the sun.

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> <<Does anyone have a list of brand / models that are appropriate or
> suggestions of were to go and look as the shop manual only lists a MF
> (maintenance free) 12V 12 Ah battery.
> I bought one two years ago at wal-mart for under $40
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