New sprockets and chain

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Sun Aug 24 19:52:43 PDT 2008

I ran a 16t front with a 47t rear for a Summer. Freeway cruising wasn't much fun (I think I was running 5000 rpm at 70mph) but around town it was a real gas to ride. Reminded me of the time I put 5.13 gears in my Z28 for the street. Nobody ever beat me out of the hole!

Steve in Western NY
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'08 KLR 650
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  Speaking of spockets, what effect does using the sizes you reccomended have?
  I forgot the way it works going up and down teeth, front and rear. I was thinking of making mine hit harder off the line, one of my friends says I want to turn it into a 'wheelie machine'. Which way would I go with this in regards to front and rear sizes?
  A little off topic- I was thinking of getting a replacement swingarm, having a shop widen it quite a few inches, using a wider wheel, and mounting a 250 to 300 rear tire.
  Any input on how to reliably make the front tooth align with the rear? My best guess is to have a new shaft made. I'm also wonding if having some sort of spacer machined will work.


  Jonathon Jay 

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  > I have had excellent results with Sprocket Specialists 
  > ( You need a #607 front sprocket and a #292 
  > rear. Steel sprockets will cost you $25 and $38 respectively. You can get 
  > the front sprocket in 16, 17(stock) or 18 teeth. If you haven't tried it, I 
  > would suggest the 18t front with a 45t (stock) rear sprocket. This is the 
  > gearing the bike should have come with from the factory. It really makes the 
  > bike shine in it's intended purpose, effortless high speed cruising. As for 
  > the chain, DID is the best you can buy. The 530VM is a reasonably priced OEM 
  > replacement that is much better than OEM. You can find them for around $110.
  > Steve in Western NY
  > '96 GPZ1100
  > '08 KLR 650
  > "You Can't Fix Stupid", Ron White
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  > >I have been looking through my service manual and I cant find sizes of 
  > >sprockets that I need. Will do front and back with new chain.. I see 
  > >the chain is 112 link right? Certain type?
  > >
  > > I have looked at some after market sights but does not have GPZ on there. 
  > > Are they a 530 with 17 tooth up front and 45 back? Best place to get 
  > > them?
  > > Thanks 

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