Made it to Banff

scapco at scapco at
Mon Aug 25 12:54:59 PDT 2008

Left the office about 3:00 Trhursday and drove to Sheridan 
WY and slept in the Explorer for the night.  Next morning 
I took off baout 7:00 and made it to Chuck Driscoll's 
propertyt about 2:30 without incident except for a vicious 
headwind which reduced my gas mileage to 15.3 mpg for just 
under 800 miles.  Reduced my wallet accordingly too.  :-(

We unloaded the GPZ and then went to a nice dinner with 
Chuck and his family and off to sleep.  Next Morning Chuck 
and his daughter accompanied me up to and through Glacier 
natl park which was spectacular as advertised.  We camped 
in West Glacier and I was able to take a badly needed 

I left Chuck and his daughter and rode out of camp about 
6:30 and headed north through some amazing scenery 
arriving at Canmore on the edge of Banff National park 
about 2:30.  Met up with lister Art Johnson for a t-shirt 
swap and some bs-ing before heading ionto Banff.  Found a 
nice caming spot, set up camp and relaxed.

I got up this morning to graying skies and rode north to 
Lake Louise which was amazing and then headed north to the 
Columbia Ice fields but turned around about 35 miles short 
due to heavy rain.  It was also trying to snow and having 
BTDT before, I decided to turn around and save it for 
another day.  I'll head back to Banff for dinner and sleep 
beafore heading west towards Vancouver tomorrow.
Only problem so far is that my right side luggage rack has 
broken.  Mine are the European OEM's and they broke weere 
others have also broke.  I'm going to try to use some 
bungees and a strap to get the weight off of the mount and 
on to the seat and hope that holds.  If not, I'll be 
looking for a dealer with a welder in Vancouver.

More when I get to Vancouver.


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