New NYC law against loud exhaust

Simon White swhite at
Mon Dec 15 18:08:40 PST 2008

The biggest issue I have with this kind of law (and there was talk of it being brought in here) is that it - intentionally or otherwise - removes older bikes, like the GPZ, from the road.  When I had to replace the exhaust on mine, I paid $300 off eBay for a full stainless/carbon wrap system, and was pretty happy with that.  I was looking at around $500 second hand (with unknown life left), or $2500 for a new OEM system.  I'm quite happy to ride a quiet bike, and while my replacement system is louder than the original, it's not too bad unless I open it up.  But unless the EPA is going to certify aftermarket systems (when pigs fly), it means that any bike needing a replacement exhaust due to either rust or accident damage, will be off the road.

Just my two cents worth.

'95 GPz1100
Melbourne, Australia
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> Sent: Monday, December 15, 2008 3:49:56 PM
> Subject: New NYC law against loud exhaust
> Did you New York city guys see this?
> For the carriage return deficient:
> Looks like NYC is trying to require an EPA tag, and an automatic fine
> if no tag is present.
> I'm not an advocate of "loud pipes save lives", but I know some after
> market pipes might cross the 80 dB mark.
> Either way, I don't like the strong-arm tactics of "do this or else"
> with no recourse.
> Michael

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