An insult to intelligences everywhere...

Jerry Clair darkclarity2k at
Thu Dec 18 13:06:57 PST 2008

This one Bill? My hat goes off to him!
This book is great for those of us who have always been intimidated by
the idea of removing the drain plug, letting the oil run out, cleaning
the drain plug, putting it back in, getting it tight enough but not so
tight as to strip anything (I can't even imagine the knowledge and
experience that would require), and adding new oil (how much?!! how do
you tell??!!) 

When I am at Starbucks getting a mocha cinnamon latte and some
other bikers come in, it seems to me that the guy with the grease on
his hands always has the best looking "biker chick." My hope is that I
will, with the aid of this excellent book, be able to be one of those

This fine book explains technical terms like shop rag, crush
washer, and torque (I always thought torque was an Italian pastry) so
clearly that even a guy like me can understand. 

I have not yet tried to change the actual oil filter on my Super
Factory Custom Lowrider Special Edition Genuine Harley-Davidson, but
once I feel comfortable with the drain plug, I am confident that this
book will make that biker dream a reality. 

Oh, the book does fail to explain what to do if the oil is draining
and your cell phone jingler goes off. Do you have to watch all the oil
come out before you do anything else? Maybe there will be a sequel.

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