Lowering Links

Steven Bixby steven at bixbys.net
Thu Feb 7 10:26:50 PST 2008

I don't know about this specific product for the GPZ, but I did add
some lowering links to my wife's Suzuki Bandit 1250S a few weeks ago
and they work great for that bike.  The links are similar to what the
eBay item looks like - two holes on the bottom which add or subtract
some height from the stock links.

The Bandit gets about 1" lower in the back, and I raised the forks
about 15mm for a total effect of just under 1" of saddle height
reduction.  She *loves* it now, no tip-toe takeoffs or fear of
dropping the bike at a light.

This particular bike seems to handle a wee bit better with the lower
CG - more planted and secure feeling.   The drawbacks are reduced
cornering clearance, the bike doesn't have much lean on the sidestand
now, and the centerstand is impossible for her to use.  I can get it
on the centerstand but it takes a good bit of push/heave.

I'm considering getting both stands modified to ease these issues -
for example, parking at a curb with the typical crowned roads, the
bike is nearly upright - not a comfortable angle in my book.   I'm
sure I can have the sidestand shortened a bit and it would work much
better.  The centerstand is another factor entirely, I dunno how this
would work out yet if it's shortened.     We'll see.\

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