Now Gas Mileage.

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Fri Jan 4 21:05:21 PST 2008

I do.. 

I have been keeping records on my gas mileage since buying the bike in 2000.
Depending on riding style I have seen it as low as 35 mpg when really
ringing it out in the twisties with my squid friends and a rare high of 65
mpg when I am just in cruise mode.

On average over the 8 years I have been getting 52 mpg.  Consistently in the
mid to low 50's with my normal riding.
Keep in mind that I am also using an Imperial gallon ( I live in Canada,
Eh!..), a little bigger than the US gallon for my calculations..

Paul W. Landry
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So who else is getting 55mpg at 75mph?
I've got  a little over 50 mpg a few times but only below 65 mph and not
Normal comsumption has gone down from 47/48 to approx 43mpg.

Pete S
>Bike burns regular gas, has a 5.5 gallon tank, and at 75-80mph gets 
>50-55mpg, town 38mpg.

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