Gas Mileage.

schnowz schnowz at
Sat Jan 5 15:05:44 PST 2008

52 miles per canuck gal = 43.26 miles per US gal which is about what I'm 
getting commuting.
   I was consistantly getting  50 mpg (US) at the Fandango in the Rockies. 
This really suprised me because though we were not riding crazy, I thought 
the high altitude would give a lower milage because it runs richer. The only 
thing I can put it down to is that it wasn't Gasahol. Mind you the cost per 
mile came out to be the same, as the price of gas is even higher than 
Connecticut  - which used to be the highest in the nation.
  The answer seems to be - ride on the tire canvas and don't use gasahol....

   Pete S

> I do..
> I have been keeping records on my gas mileage since buying the bike in 
> 2000.
> Depending on riding style I have seen it as low as 35 mpg when really
> ringing it out in the twisties with my squid friends and a rare high of 65
> mpg when I am just in cruise mode.
> On average over the 8 years I have been getting 52 mpg.  Consistently in 
> the
> mid to low 50's with my normal riding.
> Keep in mind that I am also using an Imperial gallon ( I live in Canada,
> Eh!..), a little bigger than the US gallon for my calculations..

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