Speed TV Poll

Rob Schwartz coldinvt at gmavt.net
Fri Jan 11 07:20:53 PST 2008

Nice!  Current results:
Formula 1	13%
Motocross	28%
MotoGP	47%
ALMS		4%
Other		6%

I wonder if the programming folks will pay any sort of attention to this.

Can I please see more episodes of "Pinks"?  It's only on 5-7 times per day.
Or maybe Unique Whips?  Please???  I can only watch that 3-5 times per
day...  :-(  I get plenty of street motorcycling though... at least 3-5
shows per week.

/rant off


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I don't have cable, but MotoGP junkies vote at the poll halfway down the

Pete Staniforth

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