Merry Christmas to me!

blackbear at blackbear at
Mon Jan 14 05:21:45 PST 2008

Naw...I bought a Jeep!

The two primary reasons I didn't like the Dakota are not a problem on  
the Jeep.
1.) no ball joints!  The JEep Wrangler is one of the LAST solid axle  
trucks on the market, unless you want to spend a fortune for a 3/4 ton  
fullsize pickup.

2.) electronic controlled automatic transmission.  This Jeep is  
6-speed manual.  Yayy!  my left foot is no longer bored!
(of course, it also means the missus can't drive it yet)

I've also had good luck with "Jeep" products starting back with my  
parent's 1980 AMC Eagle, my own 1982 AMC Eagle, and my 1989 Jeep  
Commanche Pickup.
My father has also had good luck with both Jeep Wranglers he's had  
(his latest is an '02).


Quoting The Masons <masonjs at>:

>>> I should try that idea on my wife
>> Alas...such things rarely work on me.  Thankfully the one time it   
>> did, she let me trade in the lemon Dakota on a brand new 2007 Jeep   
>> Wrangler.
>> Now, if I can get her to let me offroad it.....
> You didn't learn from the Dakota and bought another Plymouth product???

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