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Bill Magitz corbie at
Tue Jan 15 13:01:40 PST 2008

after reading the recent postings on mpg/miles per tankful I found out what I already knew, my GPZ is not well. I had a jet kit installed and after a few stops at mc shops I got it close but not to my liking. I get about 110-120 miles before I hit reserve ( mild riding , hitting the throttle will yield less than 100 mile tankful ) which is @40 less than before jet kit and tinkering which translates to 10-15 mpg less. also I'm spewing some serious fumes wherever I go. see if this makes sense to anybody , the last mechanic who set the carbs wrote this on the work order ,  35 slow 40 slow 150 main and 2 turns out on mixture , I'm to the point if I can't fix I won't keep it. will the proper setting help me get the mileage I desire ?  thanks much to anybody who can pass info on, the GPZ is a blast to ride and I'd prefer to keep it and upgrade the Intruder 700.   --bill m  in joisey still getting out on the weekends !!!!

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