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Hi Simon,
To me this sounds like flooding caused by that petcock dribble.
You may want to pull the other two plugs and check.
It may be that the check valves on these are remaining open due to dirt while those of Nos. #1 and #4 are closing properly and not allowing the seeping fuel to flood the cylinders.
Careful with that petcock. 
Mine caused me to have to have an engine rebuild some time ago when the cylinders became so flooded that attempting a push-start caused the drive gear on the crank to snap two teeth where it meshed with the clutch basket.
Hope this helps.
(lurker in New Orleans).

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Hi all,

Time for me to rise from the world of lurk for an important question.   When I went to leave work yesterday, I couldn't get the bike started.   It turned over quite happily, but no kick, no nothing.

Things I did:
As there seemed to be a strong smell of petrol (or gas for the Norte Americanos), I tried cranking with no throttle or choke, then with full throttle.  Still no luck.  I did notice it cranked faster with the throttle full open - weird, but beside the point.

I then removed the tank, and pulled # 1 & 4 plugs. They were clean and dry.  With them out, I cranked the bike over, and it actually caught briefly.  I reassembled everything, and was back to square one - turning over like crazy, but nothing else.  At this point the battery was starting to sound tired, so I put it back together and got a lift home.  But today I'm back with the car (and jumper leads) and wanting to figure this out, so any thoughts/suggestions people may have are most welcome.

I'm baffled as to what's happened, as the bike was fine coming to work, and has always been ultra reliable.  I filled the tank two days ago, so if it was bad fuel it would have shown before this.  One thing I did notice is that the petcock has a steady trickle whether it's on or reserve, so might be time for a new kit.  I don't think that's a factor here - I'm just trying to include all my observations.

If I can't get it started today, I'll be calling my mechanic, as I ride to work every day and hate bringing the car (this is the second time in 3 years I've driven to work).


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