Racetech Cartridge Emulators

The Masons masonjs at nrtco.net
Sun Jan 20 11:28:47 PST 2008

Did you do anything with the seat on your XS 650?  I recall trips of much 
more than 1oo miles left both my hands and my ass numb from the '76 I owned. 
The only seat that was worse was my '82 Honda CB 750'  That was like sitting 
on a 2 X10 plank.  What do you know about the Yamaha XT 600.  There's a low 
mileage one near (ad says needs carbs cleaned) here for $750.00 which seems 

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> P/N is FEGV S4101 for non-ABS models.
> Race tech price is $170.  Best price I found was is $147 at 
> www.underbid.com .  Item #780-1062241725 see at http://tinyurl.com/yrbfo5
> I have them in my '96 GPz1100 and love them.  I also have them in my '86 
> SRX600, my '78 XS650E and my '81XV920RH.  I swear by them and will 
> continue to convert every damper rod bike I own over to cartridge 
> emulators.  Simply put, there is no downside.
> Bill in Yardley, PA
> wkdenton at verizon.net
> '96 GPz1100

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