New tire, wet roads?

Steven Bixby steven at
Wed Jan 23 15:14:19 PST 2008

Well, SH*T!!

It must be my unlucky week, as I picked up ANOTHER bit of metal in my
back tire, this time about half-way between the centerline and edge of
the tread, which is not a good place to do a patch/plug.

I never did get around to finding the patch/plug combo.  And, well,
two is too many, so I'll just replace the damned tire.  <sigh>

So anyway, I've always scrubbed a new tire on dry roads, but it's wet
here, this week.  I've never had a brand new unscrubbed tire on wet
roads before.

And if I'm gonna scrub a tire in the next day or several, it won't be
on a dry road.  Am i suicidal to do this or am I just overly

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