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Hey Paul,

I still talk to Earle once in a while.  He's officially 
retired from street riding and is a full time instructor 
doing track days up and down the east coast.  That would be 
the life!

Charles S.

>Speaking of Earl. does anyone on the list still stay in 
>touch with him?  I remember when he signed off.  Never met 
>him in person, but I recall he did a track day at Barber 
>not long after I joined the list.  Of course, I'm 
>supremely envious of anyone who is in a position to spend 
>enough time doing track days to never feel the urge to 
>ride on the street again...
> Paul in Ohio
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> > She's no Myrna from Mena Arkansas.  Myrna was a slim 
number with arms like 
> > twisted rope.  Had her own bike salvage yard.  Watched 
her pick up  an air 
> > cooled in line 4 Honda 750 engione/transmission and 
toss it back into a 
> > rolling chassis.  I think Earl and Scap were a little 
taken with her maybe 
> > just in awe.
> >
> > Jim

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