The Orange Beast is gone

David Beard davidebeard at
Sat Jul 5 19:47:57 PDT 2008

Let's see, 12 is one louder than 11, ain't it????  ;-)

Jerry Clair wrote:
> -but-but-but, You just want to out do my Nina, don't ya?
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> Well, I'm afraid I went and sold the Orange Beast. As some of the guys 
> at the Ohio ride know, I've been thinking about upgrading. I decided to 
> put the bike up for sale when I got home and ask a fairly ridiculous 
> price for it. I figured I'd either sell it for my price or  I'd hang on 
> to it. Well, today someone has agreed to my price and has already sent 
> payment for the bike. The new owner of the Orange Beast will be a 
> gentleman named Chris from Frankfurt Kentucky. I will inform him of the 
> list when he picks up the bike, which will hopefully be tomorrow.
> I intend to hang around the list, even though I will be Geepster-less 
> now. I have my sights set on picking up a ZX12r in the very near future. 
> I've seen some in the low to mid $5k range, and these bikes intrigue me. 
> I'm hoping to be on the back of one for next years Ohio gathering. If 
> you see any or know of any ZX12r's for sale within driving range of 
> Illinois, give me a shout.
> I will probably have a few odds and ends to sell shortly. Over the years 
> I have had three 95 GPZs. Though there is always a possibility I will 
> end up picking up another one someday, I'm not going to hang on to the 
> stuff I've accumulated. I'll put the parts up for sale as I get them sorted.
> If anyone is down around Frankfurt, KY, keep you eyes open for a blazing 
> orange streak flying past you on the road. That'll be my old girl.
> Dave B

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