The Orange Beast is gone

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Sun Jul 6 19:59:09 PDT 2008

Hey guys,

ZX12 is the one I lust after too...? My money ain't right yet so wait?I must.
Regards the quickness: GPz1100 is dang fast up through 3rd, I'd say.? After that, the ZX12 would just say bye bye...
I had one of those dreaded, backing-up on a downhill in the loose "marbles", on tippy-toe, bike-drops today!? Lawdhammercy, I hate that!
I mention this because after grunting the ol' beastie up out of the gravel (whew!) the smell of gas was strong, and the bike wouldn't start for a good 20 minutes....? WTF?!? I guess, since I was low on gas anyway, going over just made the gunk in the bottom of the tank active enough to (apparently) get past my in-line filter and cause some really poor/rough running once it started.? It would stall every hundred yards or so.

The good news is: once I made it back to "civilization" and a Chevron station fill up, I hit the freeway and lit it up for a good 50 miles at over a "buck", just to "clear it's throat"...? Seems to have worked just fine.? Now, although I've got a few more dings and scratches "ol' red" is back in action just like before...

Hey Randy Peters!? Hope you got things going ok.? Same on recovering from Katrina.? Give me a shout.

Today's "jaunt": ?246 miles of twisties through Ojai, Santa Paula, Moorpark, and the dreaded Lockwood Valley (where my mishap ocurred)...

Stay cool everyone!? I'm looking at 92 to 97 degrees through the week ahead...

Ron Jordan
Altadena, CA high miler madman

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As long as those flower pots go "varrrooooommmmm!"

David Beard <davidebeard at> wrote:  Oops, let me pick that up...

Ah, what the heck. Sure, consider the gauntlet on the floor, where your 
jaw will drop to when you see the ZX12 spank Nina's panties.....;-)

Assuming I find a decent one in driving distance for my price, that is. 
I sent Mr. Daniels to eyeball one today. Sounds like a fairly decent 
one, though it's not nearly as mint as the owner described it. That one 
is on the back burner for now. Guess I'm not in too big of a rush, but 
the garage sure looks empty. If I don't fill it back up soon, the wife 
will fill it with flower pots.

Dave B

Jerry Clair wrote:
> Did I just hear a gauntlet hit the floor?
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> Oh boy.....I see a race coming next year.
> Jerry Clair wrote: 
> ah! but Nina has that awesome dark RED color that makes it faster...I ain't 
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> Let's see, 12 is one louder than 11, ain't it???? ;-)
> Jerry Clair wrote:
>> -but-but-but, You just want to out do my Nina, don't ya?
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>> Well, I'm afraid I went and sold the Orange Beast. As some of the guys 
>> at the Ohio ride know, I've been thinking about upgrading. I decided to 
>> put the bike up for sale when I got home and ask a fairly ridiculous 
>> price for it. I figured I'd either sell it for my price or I'd hang on 
>> to it. Well, today someone has agreed to my price and has already sent 
>> payment for the bike. The new owner of the Orange Beast will be a 
>> gentleman named Chris from Frankfurt Kentucky. I will inform him of the 
>> list when he picks up the bike, which will hopefully be tomorrow.
>> I intend to hang around the list, even though I will be Geepster-less 
>> now. I have my sights set on picking up a ZX12r in the very near future. 
>> I've seen some in the low to mid $5k range, and these bikes intrigue me. 
>> I'm hoping to be on the back of one for next years Ohio gathering. If 
>> you see any or know of any ZX12r's for sale within driving range of 
>> Illinois, give me a shout.
>> I will probably have a few odds and ends to sell shortly. Over the years 
>> I have had three 95 GPZs. Though there is always a possibility I will 
>> end up picking up another one someday, I'm not going to hang on to the 
>> stuff I've accumulated. I'll put the parts up for sale as I get them sorted.
>> If anyone is down around Frankfurt, KY, keep you eyes open for a blazing 
>> orange streak flying past you on the road. That'll be my old girl.
>> Dave B

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