The Orange Beast is gone

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Ok, so my "bought-brand-new in '95" bike has become a "beater"? over the years...BUT!? I've sure as hell had big fun along the way.
And fellas, I love the fast part about our bikes.
Ron Jordan

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Don't you hate those kind of tip-overs? Especially with a pristine bike. Maybe I'd be better off with a beater.?
mrgilmore at wrote:?
> Hey guys,?
> ZX12 is the one I lust after too... My money ain't right yet so > wait I must.?
> Regards the quickness: GPz1100 is dang fast up through 3rd, I'd say. > After that, the ZX12 would just say bye bye...?
> I had one of those dreaded, backing-up on a downhill in the loose > "marbles", on tippy-toe, bike-drops today! Lawdhammercy, I hate that!?
> I mention this because after grunting the ol' beastie up out of the > gravel (whew!) the smell of gas was strong, and the bike wouldn't > start for a good 20 minutes.... WTF?! I guess, since I was low on > gas anyway, going over just made the gunk in the bottom of the tank > active enough to (apparently) get past my in-line filter and cause > some really poor/rough running once it started. It would stall every > hundred yards or so.?
> The good news is: once I made it back to "civilization" and a Chevron > station fill up, I hit the freeway and lit it up for a good 50 miles > at over a "buck", just to "clear it's throat"... Seems to have worked > just fine. Now, although I've got a few more dings and scratches "ol' > red" is back in action just like before...?
> Hey Randy Peters! Hope you got things going ok. Same on recovering > from Katrina. Give me a shout.?
> Today's "jaunt": 246 miles of twisties through Ojai, Santa Paula, > Moorpark, and the dreaded Lockwood Valley (where my mishap ocurred)...?
> Stay cool everyone! I'm looking at 92 to 97 degrees through the week > ahead...?
> Ron Jordan?
> Altadena, CA high miler madman?

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