Storz Handlebar Converters

William Dwyer wjd at
Mon Jul 7 12:27:54 PDT 2008

Please forgive the repeat of what looks to be an old question, but the
threads I've found are somewhat confusing....
Has anyone used the Storz bar converters made for the Concorse on an
'80s GpZ (specifically, I have an '83 GpZ 750)? From the discussions; it
looks like they can be made to work but there might be some spacers to
add and/or manufacture and they might need longer bolts. I'm not sure if
I'm confusing two or more threads on this subject. 
Any help or suggestions? Another available bar converter made for this
bike would be fine if it exists but the Storz for the Concorse is the
only one I've heard of that's still for sale. 

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