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Interesting. I replaced the figure 8 seals last year...along with the main valve cover gasket, but didn't monitor for decreased oil usage. The valve seals seem a likely culprit. How difficult is it to replace the valve seals? Can I pull the head without removing the engine from the bike?

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A couple of suggestions. First, I would replace the (4) "figure 8" gaskets under the valve cover and re-evaluate the oil usage. If these gaskets are in bad shape, you are sucking oil out from under the valve cover. You would be using oil but not burning it. Second, the valve stem seals on a 12-13 YO bike are age hardened and not very effective. Over the Winter, pull the head and have the valve job touched up and the valve stem seals replaced. Rarely is oil usage in these motors from ring/piston/cylinder wear.


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> Has anyone on the forum rebuilt their GPZ motor? Mine is burning more oil than I'm happy with and so I'm considering rebuilding the motor this winter. I'm just wonder if it's worth the time and expense or if I'd be better off selling it and moving on to something else.
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