bogging issue

ben millies ben_millies at
Sat Jul 19 20:50:39 PDT 2008

Some of you may remember a couple of months ago I picked up a '95 Gpz 1100. I picked it up cheap 'cause the previous owner said it would bog just off of idle. I talked to a few people in the "know" and basically was told to add some berryman's to the tank and ride the poo out of it for a while and see if it cleared up. 
I was able to ride it 14 miles before it started tapping. 
Originally I thought the tapping was in the valvetrain. It turned out it was a spun #3 rod bearing. 
Fast forward to today, I have rebuilt the motor and installed and all is good. I'm back to square one. Back to the bogging issue.
It still does it. 
I did pull the carbs today after riding it for a while to have a look into the bowls. No gunk of any kind... actually they all were 
suprisingly clean. (the P.O. did say that his local Kawi shop rebuilt them, trying to find the issue, with no luck... then again, 14 miles after I get it and the thing knocks its' nuts off... so who really knows.)
What I do know for sure is that it is loading up with fuel when I give it throttle... so much so that it wants to stall.  It does cold and at operating temp, and both with and without the choke on. 
It is stock, (airbox, pipes and all) I'm kinda thinking that maybe someone jetted it? Maybe planning on upgrading exhaust and such? 
Any ideas? I'd really like to ride this thing! 
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