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Dave is on the right track here. Turning the pilot screws out beyond 4-4 1/2 turns has no effect. Something is still not right in the pilot circuit or there is still a vacuum leak somewhere. Either the pilot circuit is clogged requiring the screws to be all the way out to provide enough fuel or additional air is being introduced somewhere, again requiring the pilot screws to be all the way out to provide enough fuel. I know it's a PIA but a good cleaning of all the orifices/circuits as Dave points out with a good carb cleaner (I use Castle Dragon's Breath) and compressed air is the best place to start.


---- David Beard <davidebeard at> wrote: 
> Ben,
>     Unless someone has modded the airbox or something unusual, your 
> pilot jets are probably dirty. Like I said before, take them out and 
> clean them with solvent and blow compressed air through them. There are 
> several holes on the sides of the pilot jets as well as the hole that 
> goes through the center. They all need to be clean. Also, take the pilot 
> screws out (make sure you don't loose the spring or the little rubber 
> washer) and clean that orifice with solvent and compressed air as well. 
> With a stock airbox and exhaust and 35 pilot jets, you should be between 
> 2 and 3 turns out from fully seated on the pilot screws.
>     It's also still possible that you might have a couple cracked intake 
> boots (between the carbs and the head) that are allowing extra air into 
> the mix. By opening up the pilot screws, you are having to richen up the 
> idle circuitry. Means it was running lean before. If the intake boots 
> look old and cracked, replace them.
> Dave B
> ben millies wrote:
> > Thanks guys for all the help. I've been playing with the carbs, Ended up having to turn the pilot screws out 6 turns and this thing runs like a champ. After I put the correct plugs in it and played with the pilot screws it runs great. Any Ideas on why the pilot screws needed to be turned out so much? Ben  
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