Dave Spaulding spauldingd at
Tue Jul 22 06:55:46 PDT 2008

Hey everyone, I hope you all are riding more than I am this summer.  Lots of 
reasons for that but I am planning a ride this evening to look at a car for 
my dad, so I should get to blow off some of the dust tonight.

I just received notice that my registration on GPZLIST.COM will expire at 
the end of this month.  I really haven't done anything to update the site at 
all for a couple years.  Its really stagnant and that is a shame.  Richie 
graciously provides the server and disk space at his GPZ1100.COM site, but I 
have always supplied the content and just sort of ran out of ideas and 
motivation.  I think a WiKi/Blog type space would perhaps work better going 
forward.  Allowing anyone and everyone to provide content/text/pictures, but 
I really don't have the time or experience in that area.  Should I renew 
GPZLIST.COM?  If so, where should we go with this?  Discuss.

Dave in Des Moines 

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