Bike and Parts for Sale

keelhauld keelhauld at
Wed Jul 23 13:15:35 PDT 2008


I have been a lister on and off since early '97.

I have purchased a new bike and would like to sell my GPz. It's a '96, good 
shape but hasn't
been used for the last 3 years, I am the original owner.

It's got a Corbin on it, V&H SS2r, powerpak and pods. Dyno'd at 125 - 130 
depending upon setup (done by Orient Express
on L.I.)

I also have the original exhaust, airbox, seat, etc...somplace.....

18,000 miles. I'm in northern NJ. If someone is interested please contact me 
directly at this e-mail address.....

Price is negotiable...


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