got new chain on

schnowz schnowz at
Sun Jul 27 16:18:44 PDT 2008

Jeff, You sure you have the right oil level?
If you overfill the forks it will do that..

Pete S

> Spoke too soon... got out for a good long ride today and the front
> fork is messed up since I changed the oil and seals... I can't think
> what I could have done wrong but the bike is practically unrideable.
> The front fork feels so stiff it's like riding a solid-fork bike. It
> beats me up pretty good. I'm SO FRUSTRATED. It was a pretty big job
> (for me) getting them off and back on and now it looks like I'm going
> to have to do it again. And I have no confidence I'll be able to find
> out what's wrong and fix it. RRRRrGgggGGGG!!!!  8-(
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>> Sounds like Christmas!
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> Utah Jeff

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