Anti freeze?

Steven Bixby steven at
Thu Jun 12 20:13:29 PDT 2008

I'm partial to Honda's premix coolant, after a search of many sites for 
real data about using cheaper automotive coolant in bikes.   I never 
really found any answers that gave me confidence, and in the end I 
realized, at about $4/quart from my local shop, it was only a few bucks 
more than the cost of automotive coolant, without the risk of 
inappropriate chemicals in the bike's engine.  And, no need to go buy 
distilled water and measure the mixing, etc.

The coolant drain plug is at the bottom of the water pump housing.  It 
looks like one of the pump bolts but has a crush washer, so you should 
be able to tell which one.  Otherwise, just check your service manual. :)

dominatr37 wrote:
> What are you guys using for anti-Freeze in the GPZ? I'm changing my 
> thermostat Saturday as well as the radiator cap. Also is there a drain 
> petcock? Or do I have to just remove the hose and drain it from there?

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