Throttle cable

schnowz schnowz at
Sun Jun 15 13:20:33 PDT 2008

> the holder is a piece of coat hanger sized wire that attaches to the under 
> side of the steering head

Thanks Bill I have a feeling it got left off when I had the ignition switch 
replaced when I crapped out on the Blue Ridge a few years back. Does it 
mount the to  iggy s/w bolts?and does the cable go over the stay?
$50 for a pair of throttle cables ..phew

Which Sabre the V45 or 65?

 Pete s

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>> My throttle cable has chaffed on stay for the upper fairing bracket.
>> Looking on page 1-30 of the manual it shows the cable going UNDER
>> the bracket (shown as Item 3).
>> Is this correct? Mine is going OVER the top and I've never had the stay 
>> off.
>> Secondly the manual shows  a holder that routes the cable.
>> What is this attached too? And does anyone have one?
>> Mine is missing.
>> Thanks
>>     Pete

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