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Mon Jun 23 19:05:58 PDT 2008

Good pics Jerry.
  I think I can boldly say a good time was had by all. The ride on saturday was cut a little short by my standards but the riding we got in was incredible. Great roads, great scenery, great commeradary and great food. I can't say great pool though. Boy was that a let down. I heard they were going to be putting that hotel up for sale in the near future. I guess the $5000 pool liner got them running scared.
  Anyway, I hope more can come next year as I viewed this year as a scouting trip. And I think all the scouts will agree it is worthy of another run.
  I hope Pete didn't get rained on too much today in West Virginia. Dave Beard and I pulled into my garage today and about 3 minutes later it started to rain. It's all about timing ;-)
  It didn't rain much though. I hope Pat didn't get rained on too much today going back to Chicago either. 
  Yes, Mr. Northrop graced us with his presence and valued riding skills. Although I'll have to say it was difficult seeing the other riders in front of him when I was behind him. (kidding...don't hurt me Steve)
  Pete proved to be a challenging leader on Sunday forcing Dave B. and I to up the ante on our confidence level. It's good to have somebody push you beyond what you think you can do sometimes. Just know where to draw the line. And we only had to wait a few minutes every now and then to let Pat catch up on his Victory. I'd hate to have been the one throwing that beast through those roads. My hats off to him!
  Paul Heim and his wife Kathy were confident leaders on Saturday and part of Sunday. It's good to have somebody that has some knowledge of the area. I still don't know how he was able to throw that GPZ around those curves riding 2-up. You have my respect dude (and dudette). You're always welcome to join us Kathy! 
  Sorry you couldn't come Bill! You were missed. Perhaps next time bro. 
  Next year we may try and shoot for the Motel 8...or whatever it was called. Shorter walking distance to all the eating establishments. That is, if we can get Pete to agree to it. We'll have to take a vote I guess. Last night, we walked over to Applebee's again, and again, it started raining while we were in there. Then, it started to hail. When it finally slowed down enough, we headed back dodging cars splashing water towards us and all the lightening going on all around us. The bikes faired well in the rain and hail. I'm sorry to say that my seat furr wasn't quite as fortunate. I had to throw part of it away. Boy was that comfy though.
  Jerry proved to be as crazy as always - trying to pick up all the waitresses. Keep trying dude. Dig the boots too! The boots and the wife-beater shirt was an unbeatable combination!
  I loved Matt's Bonneville! Cool bike. Very light and easy to ride. He let me and Dave B. take it around the hotel a couple times. A bit short on power perhaps, but a fun bike anyway. 
  So, I enjoyed it a lot and it was good to put some faces to a few more names this year. Paul, Kathy, Pete and Steve, it was great meeting you all. I hope to ride with you again. 
  Happy Trails!
  Dave Daniels

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