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<<A friend broke a toe riding into work last night . He said something must 
have popped up and smacked him because he said he did not see anything but 
suddenly felt a lot of pain in his foot . now he's getting some static at 
work from riders and non riders about his bad habits. wearing sneakers that 
is , I cured him of the short pants last month. So there you go " Hard Boots 
Save Big Toes ">>

There's a reason for M/C specific boots. I have three different pairs, and 
nevfer leave the home without a set on. I recently bought a set of Nitro 
Metro boots which are perfect warm weather boots. they wear like sneakers 
but are armored in the ankles and have stiff rubber elsewhere for 
protection. The soles are not stiff enough for my liking, but they are 
comfortable and protective. The use of velcro instead of laces make them 
great for a lazy guy like me.

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