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>>>>>>>> "
Stopped the night at mom and pop Motel in Bedford PA. At $35 and a 
carport for the bike - can't be bad..   "<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

could that have been Judy's Motel ???   stayed there before , good rooms , great price and Wild Bill  the proprietor !!!  top notch in my book of travel ;>
but Pete ya stopped in H-Town and didn't look me up ??? I'm surprised you could find me liddle town hahaha
Sounds like you had another awesome motorcycling adventure , WVa does have some fine roads

"""" Nice hostess - but I digress  """""    I LIKE DIGRESSIONS

I'm going to have to find Rt 423 in Pa ,  good write up Pete , thanks

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>     Arrived home from Ohio last night, after 6 glorious days and 
> 2200 miles of riding..  Originally the forecast called for 
> thunderstorms every day but I only experienced two half hour 
> episodes on Friday in WV.
>     After  a boring slab ride to NJ, I couldn't wait to get the 
> hell off. Took a spin thru Hackettstown but the Mr Maggitz GPZ was 
> not sighted. I ended the the night in PA in a Motel that made the 
> Econo lodge look like a palace. The next day I got to run the upper 
> end of a most excellent road I was on last year and checked out as 
> many new roads as possible as I made my way thru PA and WV. Some 
> great, some not as good.  Rolled into the Motel in Marrietta around 
> 5:30pm? to find the GPZ bretheren suckin refreshments by the pool. 
> Greetings and introductions were made and within no time Steve 
> rolls in on the other black steed.. I swear i could hear Dave 
> Daniels Geeper admiring mines sheepskin in the background..but mine 
> was having non of it and actually dug it's centerstand about 1" 
> into the ashphalt to prevent any hanky panky..
>   That night at dinner Jerry passes a chance to call the waitresses 
> bluff with a ride on the ZX.. I guess she lived to close to him to 
> start a serious relationship..;-)
>     Saturday Paul led us around some great roads and handled the 
> Geeper 2 up with much more aplomb than i ever could. We split at 
> some point in the afternoon as there were more roads i wanted to 
> check out . I wasn't dissapointed.
> When we met up again, back at the Motel the others had already 
> eaten so I dined on the best Walmart cuisine and Guiness..
>   Early Sunday I hear a GPZ burble as Steve heads out.. I call into 
> work to tell them I won't be back til Wednesday - just too many 
> nice roads to ride. We were originally going to head into WV, but 
> Jerry and Paul both live North so we head in that direction where 
> they both split off and head for home after we stop at the big 
> Muskie bucket monument . The remainder of the crew Dave and Dave 
> and Pat and myself do a zig zag route Northeast of Marrietta and 
> covered some most excellent roads, some i had marked on my map 2 
> years ago. There was a little confusion at the end of the ride as 
> we had followed one of the few cars we saw at a snails pace for 
> several miles. I couldn't take it anymore and blasted past. When I 
> make a pass I generally don't slow down immediately, as nothing 
> pisses me off more than a leader who makes a pass then slows down 
> immediately so the others have to brake like hell to get back in 
> line between the leader and the cage. Anyway I missed the cutoff 
> and then a series of hairpins wasn't conducive to U turns so I 
> waited at the end of the road. After a while I realized they, being 
> smarter than me, made the turn. We were close to the Hotel so I 
> head to the Hotel to see if they were there, and they rolled up 
> shortly after. They waited at the turn for Pat on the cruiser. I 
> would be pretty scared on a cruiser on those roads with the limited 
> ground clearance.. but to each his own..
> That night against my better judgement we head out to eat without 
> covering the bikes. Nice hostess - but I digress. Of course the 
> skies open up and hail the size of quarters bounce off the roof. We 
> head back after a decent meal and of course the sheepskin is 
> soaked, but nothing a garbage bag can't cure.
>   The next day we say out goodbyes and I head back into WV to hit a 
> couple of roads I heard about one was Rt 15 between Sutton and 
> Webster Springs. With a surface like a Billiard table and plenty of 
> twisties I wasn't dissapointed definitely a winner. The section of 
> 219 and 33 I took was mostly void of traffic being a weekday  and 
> this section of 219 has some high speed sweepers and 33 both nice 
> turns and excellent scenery as you go over the mountain into VA. As 
> I headed North I found smoke hole road which I heard a lot about on 
> various lists. The first part follows a river and then heads over 
> the mountain but the road is narrow with a series of blind turns 
> and my horn wasn't working because rain had got in the relay in 
> last nights soaking. Luckily I only saw one car coming the other 
> way.
> Stopped the night at mom and pop Motel in Bedford PA. At $35 and a 
> carport for the bike - can't be bad..
> Tuesday I headed North and strung together a series of roads i had 
> heard of. As I turn and head East i am constantly cresting the 
> hills that run North/South with some great views of the surrounding 
> farmland. As I get into eastern PA the traffic picks up near Jim 
> Thorpe so I headed North thru the Poconos  Rt 423 was a nice road. 
> Pulled into the driveway around 7:30pm avoiding most of the CT rush 
> hour mayhem.
> Those roads in OH and some in WV put New England roads to shame.
>   Good to see some old and new faces and thanks to the Dave duo for 
> getting this organized.
>     Pete Staniforth


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