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Sun Jun 29 17:38:51 PDT 2008

If you remember Pete, it was both of us Daves that had the hots for that cute little number.

schnowz <schnowz at localnet.com> wrote:  Yep Judy's that's the one.. nice guy
Put's you close to some nice roads too.

The hostess was very petite and cute. I think Big Dave Beard had the hots 
for her.. well who didn't.. Except big Dave would probably snap her like a 
Alas things went down hill when we got a waiter instead of a waitress.

423 doesn't compare with some of the roads in WV/OH but i believe it is one 
of the better ones in that area. Should make a good loop for you from 
Hackettstown - you could tie it in with Towpath Rd/590 from Hawley to 
Lackawaxen/97 and NJ 521 or 519

On another note, I was questioned on my comment on New England roads. I was 
mostly refering to the roads that are in a day's ride of here. CT roads are 
choked with traffic - RI are flat and boring. MA are full of potholes except 
for a couple and even the White mountains Kancamangus Highway is clogged 
with traffic in the summer, as is MT Washington. The rules on Mt washington 
are you're not allowed to pass. Though we were able to pass up to the point 
we came up on on of the Mt Washington mini bus last year. But then had to 
follow it, slipping the clutch at 5 mph and having to stop for idiots on the 
hairpins..The view at the top is great, but the ride up is not that great, 
especially when you have a back brake that is dragging.

Pete S

>>>>>>>>> "
> Stopped the night at mom and pop Motel in Bedford PA. At $35 and a
> carport for the bike - can't be bad.. "<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
> could that have been Judy's Motel ??? stayed there before , good rooms , 
> great price and Wild Bill the proprietor !!! top notch in my book of 
> travel ;>
> but Pete ya stopped in H-Town and didn't look me up ??? I'm surprised you 
> could find me liddle town hahaha
> Sounds like you had another awesome motorcycling adventure , WVa does have 
> some fine roads
> """" Nice hostess - but I digress """"" I LIKE DIGRESSIONS
> I'm going to have to find Rt 423 in Pa , good write up Pete , thanks

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