Hi, a newbie here...

Simon White swhite at consultant.com
Tue Mar 4 22:18:22 PST 2008

Hi David,

I had an 83 GPz750 prior to my 95, and lots of parts from them fit the 1100 from the same years - fairings, tank, bars etc.  Is yours still fuel injected?  They were hell on wheels in a straight line, but suffered from frame flex (as did most bikes of the time) going round corners.  Many have been converted to carbs these days, whcih makes them much easier to work on but loses some power as I understand it.  Check the fuel tank, too - the were prone to internal rust if left sitting around.

As has been mentioned, these bikes have a strong following, so getting advice and parts shouldn't be too hard.  I have a set of GPz750 lower fairings and some other bits sitting in my garage, but I'm in Australia which may make getting them awkward...

Enjoy the restoration process - remember it'll never be a new bike, but that doesn't make it less enjoyable.

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> Hi everyone, just joined today. Well heres my story. I have a friend who had 
> a friend who owned a 1982 GPz1100, but crashed it. He decided he was never 
> going to ride again, and gave the bike to my friend. After cleaning out his 
> garage, he decided he will never do anything with it, and offered it to me 
> for free. So here I am. I have some questions though.
> It needs alot of work (which is why it was free)
> So, what other bikes have compatible parts for this bike?
> I found a speedometer from a 1983 Ninja 1100 for 100 bucks, will it fit?
> I also found a fairing off a 1983 GPz 750, will that fit?
> What other bikes can I pull parts off of? (or where can I find some cheap, 
> used parts, I have already checked junk yards)
> I need the forks (if I can find em cheap, otherwise I may get them 
> straightened because they are bent)
> Speedo cluster
> Fairings
> Headlight
> Windscreen
> Turn signals
> Can anyone give me a point in the right direction?

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