New ass cushion has arrived

Julian Solomensky jsolo at
Wed Mar 5 16:09:40 PST 2008

I agree, the pleated stitching is silly, but it does make the seat look unique.  Once sitting on it, it all compresses, and the ass can't really distinguish the pleats.  If I was ordering it custom, I'd request it made without the extra stitching.  At leasts its all black, and not grey like some others on .cog have ordered.  A driver back rest would be nice too, or at least a lower back support.  For under 3 big ones shipped, who am I to complain :)

I look forward to getting the rear trunk mounted too.  I ordered a shad 46L from murph, and had the rack custom made by another forum member.  For a home made job, it looks very well made.  He used 1/2" aluminum stock.  The holes are patterned for the JCW trunk plate (which btw is a piece of junk), so I'll have to drill and tap my own.

I expect to be able to do some serious miles on this thing this season.  Have in mind to make some travels to AZ.  

Wednesday, March 5, 2008, 5:46:43 PM, Paul wrote:

> Nice find !!
> Thought about getting a Corbin for the GPZ mainly for the backrest,
> but instead went with a new cover from Sargent.
> I wonder why Corbin has put the seam stiching like that now instead
> of a seamless seating area like before??
> Let us know how it works out.

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