GPZList Digest, Vol 16, Issue 6

schnowz schnowz at
Thu Mar 6 16:08:38 PST 2008

Cripes! John what a bargain..
 I just rented a bike for the week in San Francisco for $1040 tax included 
and that's with a discount. Had I not committed I would seriously think 
about it.

> Well, we've finally and absolutely decided to sell the GPz.
> It's a '96 "black" one with ~26K miles on it.  It has brand new MEz4s 
> front
> and rear and was just fully serviced by the dealer from whom I originally
> bought it.
> I'd appreciate any leads you all may have.
> Price is 2000.00 and I'll toss in two Joe Rocket Ballistic jackets and a 
> few
> extra parts as well as the Ventura bike pack system with two barely used
> packs.
> > Anyway, I just posted it to Craig's list at 2000.00 but will sell to GPz
> Lister or friend of lister for 1750.00.
> John in San Francisco.


Yep, but we know what hooligans those MSF instructers are...


> Personally, I avoid anything that's been "pimped out" like that.  Air
> shifters are for drag bikes and I wouldn't buy a used drag bike...  The
> other one was MSF-instructor owned, adult owned and has nice S-T goodies
> like hard bags, windscreen and a handlebar conversion...
> -Rob


I don't think Bryce was ever thrilled witht the ZX -11D
As you know he gave up riding..


> My only thought is the first GPZeast ride we all did some years back when
> Bryce Fortran joined us on a ZX-11 and promptly ran wide to the opposite
> shoulder coming down rt 17 in Vt..

 Pete Staniforth
   Black and Rust..

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