ZX-11 D - Safety rant

Paul Landry p_landry at telus.net
Fri Mar 7 13:56:10 PST 2008

Well said.. 

Riding is never "think once" and ride all day but rather, "think all day
long while riding"!..   ;-)

Sun's out, snow is melting, sand is everywhere (for now), promise of good
riding to come soon!..
Could be out golfing next week at this rate!..  ;-D
Paul W. Landry
P_Landry at telus.net

From: Rob Schwartz [mailto:coldinvt at gmavt.net] 

Subject: RE: ZX-11 D - Safety rant

"...we came across a decreasing radus turn. =o   "

I hear that!  That's why I'm a big fan of the late apex.  By staying wider
in the turn until you can see its exit, you are prepared by having extra
time & space should things occur, like; a)it's a full-pucker, decreasing
radius corner that goes on forever (you know the one, with the limited sight
line and maybe a new bump or a dog or a football thrown in for good measure)
or 2) some ignoramus is over the yellow line as you're exiting.  Staying
wide allows you a longer view through the corner and further into your 12
second "intended path."

There is no right way to ride EVERY time.  Your lane position, cornering
lines, speed... They're dynamic - ever changing to suit the situation.  You
shouldn't ALWAYS ride in the left third of the lane.  You SHOULD be looking
for the safest place to be, whether it's on the right for a gravel truck
coming the other way (and maybe some road rager about to pass it) or a
bicyclist swerving to avoid a chipmunk.  Don't ever think you need to be in
one particular place because someone told you, "that's where you ride."

Holy crap!  I could go on all night!!

"Ride your own ride" - Another great reason to group ride with a 2-second
minimum following distance instead of the 1-second stagger...  Of course,
bunching up to the stagger is safer in many situations (we're being dynamic,
remember?), but on the open road... ahh the sweet, seductive open road...
*sniff*  enjoy the ride!  *sniffle*  Okay... I'll go to bed now.

Still froze in VT,

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