95 GPZ needs..

David Hall dhall308 at yahoo.com
Fri Mar 7 16:26:59 PST 2008

Just when I thought I have everything replaced that needed replacing , I finally got to test drive my GPZ after extensive repairs from a 60 MPH dismount caused by a ladder in the road.  I now need a rear brake lever. If anyone has one to sell let me know. Also .. Do the front side marker lights stay on all the time when the bike is running? The rears don't so I am wondering if the front are supposed to.  I can't remember (senior moment).   If anyone has the brake lever let me know ,
   I could also use:
  The plastic that surrounds the speedo cluster and the RHS side black filler plastic that attaches to it. I am using the origional but it is broken.
  LHS  lower fairing.
  Lower belly fairing that connects the lower side fairings.
  I no longer need a Red Ryder BB Gun.... lol :O)

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