Questions: Pro-Oiler, Chain Recommendation, radar detector installation, List Archive?

Jeffrey L. Walker walkerjl at
Fri Mar 7 18:18:57 PST 2008

I've a couple of questions for the group:

1)  Has anyone here installed a Pro-Oiler?

If so, how did the install go?  Tips and etc?  Where did you put the

2)  I've gotten myself a set of new, stock sprockets, now I'm looking to
replace the chain.  From what I've gathered, many people like the DID
X-ring, though it seems a bit spendy.

Just to double check:  A 530 X-ring chain with 112 links will replace the
stock chain with no problems right?  I was sort of planning on having the
local bike shop press the rivet master link together so I don't have to buy
another rivet tool (I've seem to have lost mine), and install the new chain
when I take apart the rear suspension to re-grease the rear suspension and
shock bearings.  I was thinking that would be an ideal time to install a
Pro-oiler too.

3)  Where have people installed a radar detector?  For the last 6 years,
I've been using a Bell cordless detector in the map pocket of my tank bag,
with a little speaker that is mounted inside my helmet.  But I now have a
good Escort 8500 that I would like to install.  I also have a GPS on a ram
mount that puts the GPS screen just in front of my tank bag, but doesn't
obstruct my view to the gages.  I keep thinking maybe on top of the clutch
hydraulic reservoir, or maybe with this type of mount on the windscreen: 

4) Didn't there used to be an archive that one could search and therefore
enable me to stop asking questions like the above three?

Jeff in Washington

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