Fwd: Fw: Sick of Snow?

The Masons masonjs at nrtco.net
Sat Mar 8 12:10:46 PST 2008

The foot in the driveway is never a problem with either the Tacoma 4x4 or 
the RAV 4 4x4.  Its the 2 meters (6 feet) plus that is in the yard, a lot of 
which used to be in the driveway that will get you sooner or later.  I 
guarentee you won't make it down the cottage driveway let alone back up with 
the Tundra unless that Tundra is the long track trapper's special  skidoo 
that Bombardier produced a yew years back.  It is a tough enough hike with 
snoe shoes when they are sinking nearly a foot (1/3 meter).
When did you get the Tundra?  As I recall you had a Fourrunner.  Your 
daughter make another sale?  Still on the lookout for a slightly used Vstrom 
and KLR 650.  I got too frustrated trying to figure out how to buy a vehicle 
in the states and bring it home.  I figured out the booze & the tires.


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