Shad46 pics

Julian Solomensky jsolo at
Sat Mar 8 17:12:46 PST 2008

Here's some pics of a custom rack made for me.

Sorry about the quality. The flash makes the camera pick up the tiniest spec of dirt/dust.

The plate itself is made out of 1/2" thick aluminum. Weighs in at about a good 7-8 lb with the shad plate ontop. Thought the rack was some sort of alloy steel, but it's nonferrous.

The holes were tapped for 5/16" x 18 threads. All hardware is stainless steel, including the bolts for attaching the rack to the bike, and the shad plate to the rack.

I opted to bolt the shad plate using 6 holes instead of just 4. This way I know it's not going anywhere.

As far as passenger comfort. Just sitting on the back seat with the bike on the center stand, leaning slightly back is pretty comfortable. In fact, although not intended, the spacing seems perfect.

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