had capacity for 3 GPZ carb cleanings, I'm in the middle of 3.5..

James Keefover jkeefover at swansonindustries.com
Sun Mar 9 09:40:18 PDT 2008

Carbs junked up on me and stranded me.  I just removed the carbs, cleaned
them, as I've done before but I'm out of patients trying to get those airbox
boots back on.  I'd like to ditch the airbox and put pods on it (still
available?) or at least remove the airbox long enough to move the bike to a
better place to work on it.  Will it run ok without it?  The bike tends to
run rich with it.  Will the airbox come out pretty easy or should I attack
it with a flippin' saw.

I will never have another carbed bike.
I will never have another carbed bike.


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