had capacity for 3 GPZ carb cleanings, I'm in the middle of 3.5..

Sims, Robert B MAJ MIL USA OSD bob.sims at us.army.mil
Mon Mar 10 07:35:13 PDT 2008

> Carbs junked up on me and stranded me.  I just removed the carbs, 
> cleanedthem, as I've done before but I'm out of patients trying to 


You've probably already checked this, but also check out your ignition parts while you have everything apart -- especially the wires, plug boots, and plugs.  Ignition problems sometimes cleverly disguise themselves as carb problems.

I struggled with what I thought was a chronic carb problem on my GPZ for the better part of a year before I figured out that it was actually the plug wires corroding inside of the plug boots.  If you have a fuel filter, you should not have problems with fouled carbs.

> I will never have another carbed bike.

I will resist the temptation you have provided for me to proselytize about my allegedly "Old Tech" Buell.  :-)


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